News Media: A Guide


News media is described as elements of mass media that focus on delivering news to a particular target audience. This is inclusive of print media, electronic media and most recent the internet. Electronic media also known as broadcast news is the transmission of audio and video signals to a specific target audience that is often in a large group. It involves the production of video and film or audio depending on the channel used to reach the audience. News varies in duration. Some can take as long as 10 minutes while others have to be edited to fit in two to three minutes without distorting the message.

In print media, news comes in the form of newspapers, journals, or magazines. They tend to be lightweight and easily disposable selling at a low cost in the case of newspapers. They are published depending on general or special interest whether it is daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bi monthly or quarterly. General interest focuses more on the trending news such as politics, crime, business and sports hence tend to be published daily.Print media is often common in using photographs to help the reader get a pictorial view on the story. Special interest media such as magazines usually goes deeper into the story unlike newspapers and tend to give context surrounding important events rather than facts.

As the internet has becoming increasingly popular over the last decade, news media have embraced it and has seen the rapid increase on publication of news through media outlasts such as blogs or websites among others. Know about the easy female superhero costumes to make here!

The internet has also endorsed the transmission of both formal and informal news. Online journalism as also allowed the creation of jobs, as there are more freelance journalists than ever. Internet journalists, have been referred to as J-bloggers, and defined as having played the role of journalists with the aim of publishing newsworthy information, guided by an obligation to the truth and the right of the public to know. To learn more about news media, visit

News media also has to maintain integrity while serving the interest of the public making it irrepressible to institutional graft. News media is guided by the following principles: independence, transparency, feedback to and from citizens and commitment to ethical journalism and standards and should always aspire to live by those principles. With the ability to cover news whether politics, sports or entertainment, it is prevalent when it comes to streamlining the political, social and cultural picture of the society. Get more info here!


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